UMass Breastmilk Lab

New Moms Wellness Study

Kathleen Arcaro, nutritionist Lindiwe Sibeko and epidemiologist Susan Sturgeon want to know if a diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces biomarkers of breast cancer risk.

This is a U Mass research project federally funded out of NIH.

new moms diet intervention breast cancer The team is recruiting women living within 25 miles of Amherst, who have given birth in the last five weeks or who are still pregnant and intending to breastfeed.

Moms joining the study will be in either the diet intervention group or the control group, with random assignment. The diet intervention group will receive boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables weekly and will be asked to eat eight to 10 servings every day.

Lactation and nutrition counselors will help these Moms reach the study goal. The control women will be counseled to follow a nutritional plan recommended to breastfeeding women.

You can get more information at our study website

If you live within 25 miles of Amherst MA, are pregnant or gave birth within the last 5 weeks, and are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed you may be eligible to participate. Please call (413 545-1037) or email ( for more information.

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